Camping Rocchetta International Cortina

Cortina d'Ampezzo

Camping Rocchetta 25.000 m.q.
Cortina d'Ampezzo, 1224 m. - Dolomites

Situated in a tranquil spot embraced by the panoramic splendid view of the Dolomite mountains and twenty (20) minutes distance on foot to the center of Cortina. At your disposition there are heated bathrooms facilities including hot water, water closets, sinks, showers and hair dryers. There are sinks for doing the dishes and handwashing. We also have washing machines and clothing dryers and an ironing area. Near the site camper-service facilities and a chemical water closet have been installed. Each spacious camping space offers plugs of electrical current (free) and points of water supply are positioned conveniently and accessably. At the camping entrance you find a foodstore and a bar with a terraced deck. Credit cards are welcomed. There are customer safe-deposit available.
OTHER SERVICES INCLUDE: mail boxes, message service (posted) for clients phone calls, public telephones, camping gas, refrigerator for synthetic ice, irons, inside parking for cars and motorbikes, bus stop, park for playing and games, table tennis and minigolf.

Access: easily accessible by all transport means. From the north you cross the center of Cortina and continue along the State Road number 51 (direction Venice) until a crossing that you approach on your right about 400 m. after the service station Agip; following the indication, 900 m. to Camping. From the south you overpass the Olimpic trampoline and proceed in the direction center Cortina; you arrive, after about 1,5 km. at a crossing situated on the left; following the indication 900 m. to Camping.

The Dadiť family welcomes all its guests.